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We provide several ready packages for those who want to cut to the chase due to their limited time of stay – Each package can be modified, shortened and combined.

Alternatively you may do it yourself  your own itinerary based on what to see and send us an email, we will quote the standard price for you.

We have a combination of Tour Packages bromo Ijen Baluran Sukamade and Overland Yogya Bali, and we are already to accompany and serve your trip in this TOUR PACKAGES BACKPACKERS, departure can be done in Malang or Surabaya (Airport – Hotel – Stasiun), and finish drop can be done in Malang or Surabaya or Ketapang Port Banyuwangi, tour packages that we offer is suitable for tourist who want to stay in Bali.

We have good experience to serve customer, making the customer could visit easier Bromo Ijen Baluran Sukamade from Surabaya or Malang in safely and comfortable tour with our tour organize.
We provide several options in combination tour package that combine some of the attraction that the tourist attraction at the same frequented by lokal or foreign tourist an is a favorite tourist attraction in east java, so that by the incorporation of the customers can be more efficient time. As for the pick up and departure we usually do depart from Yogyakarta or Surabaya or Malang, depending on which option is selected tour packages as well as the end of the trip flight, can drop in Surabaya or Malang or at the port of Ketapang Banyuwangi.
Tourist attractions Bromo Ijen Baluran Sukamade attraction is National Park lokated in east java, where in the course of the tour will pass through coffee plantation, cacao, rubber, suger cane plantation, orange groves. Of several package options this tour you can see and chose and plan options which package to your liking, hopefully some of these options you wish to visit.
From beginning to end we thank you for your time and visit and hopefully this discription useful for us with the hope that good things will come back to us. We wil be answering questions both about the prices, routes and schedules.

Several Package Options.

You can choose the right choice and plan a vacation hopefully you you can visit with family in several National Park in Java. In some of the tourist attraction of each place has its own charm, has a charm of its own therefor for you who already have the opportunity of time and planning to visit the tourist attractions, we are ready to serve your trip with family and friends.
Besides attraction National Park there are a few more places in Malang attractions such as Balekambang beach, Kondang merak beach, Goa cina beach, Sendang biru beach. Malang is the biggest city of Surabaya in addition to being a student city of Malang as well as city tourism.

** For some of the travel package options, we already have a separate standard price, the price may vary depending on adjustments to the inn, if you choose the hotel itself, we can discuss, because besides the price is different, too different locations. **